Beaux Artsof Central Florida

Our objectives are to strive for excellence and originality, explore various media and techniques, and contribute a personal and fresh approach to the diversity of today’s art.

  • Peggy Banks

    mixed media, handmade paper    

    from I have been showing and creating my for over 35 years. It has changed and evolved over time but the constant medium is handmade paper. One body of work is called Outside the Box. I fuse handmade paper with hand dyed silk and mount it on copper which I patinate. I also have

  • Cheri Erdman

    mixed media    

    My art is about creating, manipulating, and playing with space using paint, mixed media and collage. As a non-objective artist, how space appears is reflected in the ever-changing internal states of self and experience. A personal exploration of the attributes of space are part of the process of creating it: open-closed; distant-close; dense-light; infinite-finite; background-foreground;

  • N.C. Hagood

    mixed media    

    My art is a like my dreams where fleeting moments in time have been captured. Someone, somewhere, an emotion that has registered within my subconscious. I start by doing quick marks in a very raw and fundamental manner, with paint, paper and any other media which I feel a piece demands. I then allow the

  • Carson Kapp


    I enjoy creating cities and figures that only live in my heart and not the real world. Perhaps my architectural background sneaks into my work. I use expressive backgrounds combined with abstracted figurative and urban sketches to give each work an unique personality. I love the use of lines – fat, skinny, broken, any kind

  • Sharon LaDue


    I’m currently working in mixed media – my goal is to successfully integrate realism and abstraction into cohesive paintings and drawings. The colors of Fall, the variety of textures in nature, fossils, and ancient artifacts all inspire me and influence my work. I look forward to and embrace the journey – the process of creating,

  • Renee Schwadron Lewis

    mixed media drawing, fabric art, fiber art, mixed media, drawing, oil crayons, color pencils and pastels    

    A native of Brooklyn, New York, Renee Schwadron Lewis always loved the combination of texture and color. The confluence of cultures in NYC was especially an influential part of her life. Lewis received a B.F.A. in Fabric Design from the School of Art at Syracuse University. As part of the University’s Foreign Studies Program she

  • Babz Lupoli

    abstract painting, collages    

    From Collecting art has always given me great pleasure. My home is gallery with a wide range of genres – pieces that calm me and inspire me – they have become part of my soul. And now, I create art that I want to share with the world. We all need to surround ourselves

  • Barbara Perkins

    mixed media    

    Painting is to me like breathing, filling my lungs with fulfillment. Nature is my muse in painting, poetry, and sculpture. I strive for unique compositions using mixed media, acrylic paint, collage and bold colors. I create stylize figure paintings that reflect emotions and or humor. These paintings are whimsical or mysterious that express my vision

  • Shirley Pittman

    fluid acrylics    


  • Lillian Verkins


    My paintings start with a big-bang of colors, which swirl into quiet spaces and are sometimes obliterated and reformed into new creations. The canvas is my edifice, where my meditations and my prayers are heard. Since I have no end image in mind, my hands and mind are free to explore where theses layers take

  • Linda Hoffmeister

    texiles, fiber art    

    Artist Statement: The journey in fiber arts is an exciting one, always changing and challenging, never staying still always in motion, such as Nature. A small shell or rock, a unusual twig, a beautiful leaf filled with holes where insects have fed always fill my pockets while on a walk. Nature has always played an

  • Diane Gugliotta

    mixed media    

    Making art is like making magic. When you finish a good painting, it talks back to you. Its what makes me happy.        

  • Melissa Mason

    acrylic, pastel    

    Statement: Creating beauty and order out of chaos, I find it endlessly challenging and fulfilling to start with randomness and then follow it to see where it leads me. Chance happenings are both catalyst and guide. Alternating between calculated drawing and gestural mark-making; focused exploration and spontaneous experimentation; thoughtful color placement and impulsive splashes of

  • Nancy Newlove McElroy

    clay, mixed media    

    My foundation in the arts was built by experimenting with several different media. With each came an acquired level of skill and knowledge. In many ways, clay offered me the most freedom. It responds to physical pull and push resulting in a three-dimensional expression of what has inspired me. Like many artists, nature, travel and

  • Katherine Parfet


    Artist Statement I have always been involved in some type of artistic pursuit, first in high school and then at Scripps College where I minored in studio arts. I began my career in 1972 when I started a needlepoint design business. I specialized in custom and liturgical work, along with creating a signature line of

  • Robert Shirk

    acrylic paint on layered sheets of plexiglass    

    Artist Statement My figurative paintings are created on multiple sheets of layered plexiglass. Each sheet of clear plexiglass contains a part of the final image. The effect creates a 3 dimensional kinetic painting that moves and changes as the viewers perspective changes. Ive been influenced by the 1960s optical and kinetic art of Israeli artist

  • Jean Banas


    My work follows in the tradition of the “Abstract Expressionists” movement in which the painting process is the subject matter. Vibrant, exuberant, and colorful shapes, lines and marks create a sense of energy and mystery. –Jean Banas           To see more of Jean’s work, click here.

  • Beau Wild

    mixed media    

    As early as I can remember I was an observer. Many questions intrigued me then and continue to intrigue me now. Why do people do as they do? What motivates their actions and reactions? What makes us all tick? Whether it is an elderly woman’s feeling of isolation, the outsider’s anxiety when courting a new

  • Naomi Berlin


    I began my photographic studies later in life. I had been a potter for many years and wanted to be able to photograph my work. I fell in love with the camera and it became my passion. Learning darkroom techniques was exciting and although I miss film I have embraced the digital age. I prefer

  • Gail Bokor

    watercolor, acrylics    

    I consider my self an experimental artist, specializing in watercolor. Finding new ways to use watercolor with other mediums and on different surfaces, leads me on a journey that has become my passion. When I work somewhat traditionally in watercolor, I am drawn to painting in the “negative” as this defines the positive shapes in

  • Susan Bottaro


    Having painted in watercolor for thirty years I switched to acrylics about (seven) years ago. I wanted to do some figurative work and found using acrylics enabled me to capture the little nuances within the human form more easily. Although my work is representational I always try to tell a story or send a message.

  • Peter Cerreta

    acrylics, oils, mixed media    

    I am a figurative artist. Human behavior is the motivation for my work. Manipulating color, shape, texture, space, etc. elements used for creating art, I “shout” or “whisper” i.e., overstate or understate the point of my content. I want the viewer to ask himself, “What is this artist trying to say.” In the process of

  • Mindy Z. Colton

    mixed media equine sculpture    

    My life-long love of and involvement with horses drives my passion to create equine theme art. Horses are beautiful spirited animals, full of energy and truth. I use the horse to elicit a feeling or mood or to create a story. My one-of-kind and limited edition sculptures are all hand sculpted in clay, mixed media,

  • Constanz Elder

    oils, acrylics    

    Whether working in oils or acrylics, my interest and primary focus is the human face and form. I become caught up in the configuration and expression of a face, an attitude of body language, and significant attire – seeking the unique human image to describe in my painting. A favored subject for some years has

  • Patrick Flannery

    computer graphics, digital and traditional painting    

    After retiring from a career in business, I resumed my interest in art via courses in painting, drawing and printmaking, at the Art League of Daytona Beach and also at DBCC (now DSC). Initially, I focused on representational art via traditional media, but in the past several years I have gravitated toward computer graphics with

  • Jim Hoolsema


    Landscape and scenic subject matter is my primary photographic interest. I like to look for viewpoints of objects that the casual observer may not immediately see or take an interest in. Additionally I have developed a fascination with photographing abstractions in nature. Peripheral to photography, but related to the artistic world, I make basic frames

  • Don Kennedy

    watercolor, acrylics    

    I consider my work to be semi-abstract and expressionistic with an emphasis as a colorist. What is felt is equal to and often more important than what is seen. It is not that what is viewed is seen a little differently, but one may choose not to paint what is seen and instead paint what

  • Carolyn Land

    mixed media    

    I believe the authentic experience one can have is with nature. I am fascinated by the intricate designs created within the small space of one’s vision. The lines, forms, colors and textures of the natural elements are what motivate my art. As an artist, I reach deep within myself in order to express as image

  • Marilyn Leverton

    earthenware, concrete and stone sculpture    

    I have been sculpting for over 20 years, first in the UK and then here in Florida. My interest lies in the human form – I enjoy expressing its beauty and movement, and capturing emotions in both faces and bodies. My medium is earthenware, which is hand built, fired and usually finished with paint to

  • Robin Moore

    mixed media    

    I have never met a media I didn’t like, and have worked in photography, watercolor, acrylic, mixed media, collage, fabric, fiber, and jewelry. I will basically run out of lifetime before I run out of inspiration and materials. I believe that we do our best work when we give up our attachment to the importance

  • Gretchen Nass

    mixed media    

    My works are primarily non-representational conveying my emotions through abstraction. Shape, color, mark, texture and space are my descriptors. The compositions begin with process and serve as a point of departure. Working improvisationally is challenging and allows me the freedom to experiment with the natural properties of both traditional and non-traditional media. I like the

  • Lee Nesler


    My passion is to create images that stimulate our inner emotions giving rise to our creative feeling for life. –Lee Nesler      

  • Kathy O’Meara

    experimental mixed media    

    I am an experimental artist. I like to explore different techniques and materials. I collect ephemera and discarded stuff to use in my work. My current explorations are with paper, cloth and paint restrained by a minimal palette. This series all start with a painted black background and then I compose a piece matching old

  • Betty Parker


    Manipulating self-painted paper by sanding, tearing away, gluing over and repainting, gives me a feeling of being totally creative. Handwork experiences with a grandmother, my mother and my older sister stir up an innate drive to create using a tactile technique. I find collaging and decollaging in a minimalist, abstract style very exciting and fulfilling

  • Carrie Perman

    mixed media    

    The majority of my work covers a massive heap of issues such as hierology, irreverence, hypocrisy, pareidolia and assorted materials that are rarely put together and crammed into a single frame. –Carrie Perman         To see more of Carrie’s work, you can follow meshimages & other things, or something like that on

  • Laura Robinson


    I work in layers over an abstract colorful background, gradually teasing out my favorite subject matter: the effects of sunlight on boats, people and water at a given moment in time. I try to keep most of the painting very loose and use an airbrush to soften various areas and to create transparencies. The intent

  • Jane Rockhold

    oil on canvas    

    As an artist painting in both oil and watercolor, I express my love of the painting process. My inspiration usually comes from nature especially from flowers and the human figure as seen in my many portraits. From these, hopefully, something pleasing to the eye has been created using color, shapes and patterns. –Jane Rockhold  

  • Amelie Rogers

    oils, acrylics    

    I began painting as a very young child. I love all things beautiful and believe the important thing about a work is that it is beautiful and invites the viewer in and holds him/her there for a passage of time. I paint in the classical tradition of using transparent and semi-transparent glazes which allow the

  • Fay Samimi

    ceramics, mixed media sculpture    

    I work with low fire, stoneware and porcelain clay, using various surface finishes to create mysterious anthropomorphic sculptures. My sculpture can be interpreted the same way that one would interpret a dream. Human and animal forms interact and unite to show we are all made from same “clay.” –Fay Samimi          

  • Joye Shaffer


    I enjoy the creative process of art making whether it results in abstraction or contemporary realism. To me art is timeless and is not dependent upon specific techniques or content. –Joye Shaffer        

  • Toni Slick

    acrylics, graphite, mixed media    

    As I travel, I am intrigued by the surfaces that surround us. It could be a ceiling, a floor, most often it is a wall. My intent is to interpret these surfaces in a way that will evoke a response in the viewer. There might be words, remnants of notices, or playbills. There might be

  • Katty Smith

    clay sculpture    

    Creating figuative clay images allows me to connect past experences in my life with the present and possibilities for the future. My inspirations comes not only from my small town upbringing, but from having grown up in a family of strong women who allowed their softer sides to shine through, especially via strong bonds with

  • P. Z. Thompson

    mixed media    

    My painting centers on the representation of the human form as narrative. Exploring the body, through inventive gestural mark making, creates a history in each work and imbeds emotional context. Observing and drawing people provides an unending source of ideas for me. Through a long history of making art and extensive drawing skills from a

  • Marylee Voegele

    watercolor, mixed media    

    I love to experiment and extend the boundaries of contemporary watercolor and experimental mixed media techniques. Hopefully my paintings will set a mood and draw the viewer’s eye to explore and enjoy. –Marylee Voegele             To visit Marylee’s website, click here.  

  • Mara Whitridge

    mixed media, fiber art    

    As an artist, I have tried many mediums. I think I have finally found one that satisifies my curiosity. I am now working with fiber. I like to combine fiber and canvas to create a sense of old and new. The pieces pictured here are all done on twelve inch raw canvas. I use thread

  • Peg Williams


    Various processes in nature, cause deterioration of natural and man-made materials. I am inspired and intrigued by the result. Using a camera macro lens, I capture images of mineral seepage and lichen growth on aging rock, or the peeling paint and rusting metal of old machinery. Highlighting the lines, textures, and colors that combine to

  • Daniel Wozniak

    printmaking, watercolor, acrylics    

    I produce art in a variety of visual media and styles, ideas and meaning stem from my past and present professional, military and personal everyday experiences. I prefer message art; satire, humor and irony. I continually explore new visual media and methods. Currently I focus on innovation in monotype and monoprint printing. My overall effort