My art is about creating, manipulating, and playing with space using paint, mixed media and collage. As a non-objective artist, how space appears is reflected in the ever-changing internal states of self and experience.

A personal exploration of the attributes of space are part of the process of creating it: open-closed; distant-close; dense-light; infinite-finite; background-foreground; too much-too little; floating-structured; layered-bare.

To the viewer, the resulting work becomes a visual record of the spontaneity inherent in non-objective painting combined with the push-pull power of space to inspire, intrigue, energize, and relax.

–Cheri Erdman




Piano Keys



Azo Speaks to Blue





Art in the News


Pink Black Abstract


You can also see more of Cheri’s work here.

Cheri Erdman

  • Speciality: mixed media
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