I consider my work to be semi-abstract and expressionistic with an emphasis as a colorist. What is felt is equal to and often more important than what is seen. It is not that what is viewed is seen a little differently, but one may choose not to paint what is seen and instead paint what the artist would like to see. To paraphrase Picasso, we owe a great debt to the photographers. They set us free! I enjoy the painting process that brings about power and movement. Enjoyment is also found in a process that produces a concept that one of the weaknesses of acrylic and watercolor is also a strength. This being the high degree in lack of control. Therefore, there is a need for a willingness to both maintain and alter many of the very factors that attracted me to the mediums initially. Paradox ranks at of near the top of many, if not most of the scales of creativity.

–Don Kennedy






Don Kennedy

  • Speciality: watercolor, acrylics