My foundation in the arts was built by experimenting with several different media. With each came an acquired level of skill and knowledge. In many ways, clay offered me the most freedom. It responds to physical pull and push resulting in a three-dimensional expression of what has inspired me. Like many artists, nature, travel and life’s experience provide the emotion I react to.

The science of clay and glazes is an integral part of the success in pottery. Skill on the potter’s wheel and hand building techniques develop only by doing and failing. I have never given up on my passion for clay and creating. I can’t …. I have too many ideas that need to be built. Time ticks on and rolls faster as I chase these ideas downhill, but joyful music and laughter radiates from my soul as I move the mud.

Fire transforms the ceramic structures to the hardness of unrecyclable stone. Now my creations are future relics to be discovered by archeologists in the next era, offering a look int my time on earth.

My artistic life has always been inspired by this quote by an unknown author: “Dreams don’t have deadlines”.


Sun Set Vista, 11″x9″x14″, clay


Sun Set Plateau, 11″x9″x14″, clay


Purple Gems, 7″x6″x6″, clay with attached agate

Nancy Newlove McElroy

  • Speciality: clay, mixed media
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