Having painted in watercolor for thirty years I switched to acrylics about (seven) years ago. I wanted to do some figurative work and found using acrylics enabled me to capture the little nuances within the human form more easily. Although my work is representational I always try to tell a story or send a message. I sometimes use myself as the model when making a personal statement. I draw on my personal experiences in life and occasionally am motivated by a novel I have read or some other source of inspiration. My work is never just a study of something. I try to go beyond just technique. My ultimate goal is to engage the viewer and make him think.

–Susan Bottaro


Monkey on Her Back, 31″ x 37″, acrylic on canvas


Dali Painting Susan, 25″ x 25″, acrylic on canvas


Back in the Day, 21″ x 25″, acrylic on canvas


Mother Abigail, 41″ x 47″, acrylic on canvas

Susan Bottaro

  • Speciality: acrylics